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Welcome to Bay Access Sailing Foundation 
2024 Summer Learn to Sail Program


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At Bay Access Sailing Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of sailing for children of all ages. Our Learn to Sail Program is designed to introduce young sailors, aged 7 to 12, to the exhilarating world of sailing while fostering personal growth and development. 


Sailing isn't just a sport; it's an adventure that teaches invaluable life skills and nurtures holistic development.


Sailing offers a unique blend of physical activity, mental stimulation, and character-building experiences that are unparalleled. Learning to sail empowers children as they master new skills and overcome challenges on the water. From rigging their boat to navigating the winds, every achievement boosts their self-esteem and fosters a can-do attitude. It also teaches them the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, caring for equipment, making decisions independently, and navigating safely, instilling a sense of accountability and maturity.


Sailing is a social sport that encourages teamwork and collaboration. Whether they're sailing with a partner or as part of a crew, children learn to communicate effectively, trust their teammates, and work together towards a common goal. On the water, conditions can change rapidly, presenting sailors with unexpected challenges. Through sailing, children hone their problem-solving skills as they adapt to changing winds, currents, and conditions, fostering resilience and creativity.


Moreover, sailing offers a unique opportunity for children to connect with the natural world. As they navigate the waters, they develop a deep appreciation for the environment, learning about wind patterns, tides, marine life, and ecological conservation. Additionally, it promotes physical fitness, providing a full-body workout while having fun on the water.


Our Learn to Sail Program is tailored to suit children aged 7 to 12, regardless of their prior sailing experience. Led by experienced instructors in a safe and supportive environment, our program covers essential sailing skills, safety procedures, and seamanship fundamentals. From beginner-friendly Opti sailing to more advanced techniques, our curriculum is designed to cater to each child's individual pace and learning style.


Embark on an unforgettable journey with Bay Access Foundation's Learn to Sail Program for Ages 7 to 12. Our program is tailored specifically for children who are new to sailing and eager to learn.


Register now and watch your child's horizons expand as they set sail towards a brighter future!


2024 Calendar:

Week 1: June 24 - June 28

Week 2: July 15-July 19

Week 3: July 29- Aug 2

Week 4: Aug 5- Aug 9

Age groups: 

7 - 12


Daily schedule: 

Monday to Friday 

9:00am - 04:00pm


Lunch and snacks: 

Lunch and an afternoon snack is included in our program. 



Curriculum includes sailing and trimming at different points of sail, rigging and unrigging, and having fun in boats. 



No experience required. 



Optimist boats will be used and will be provided by the organization.


Course fee: 

$500 per week



Please click here to register for our program.


Course materials:

Appropriate buoyancy aid 

Sea shorts

UV protected lycra t-shirt

Neoprene suit (Optional)

Sea shoes (plastic sole – easy dry)





Spare dry apparel

Water bottle

Sunglasses (optional)


Daily routine: 

On Monday morning, all registrants will meet at the Lakewood Yacht Club pool where parents / guardians will have to sign their children in. On all other days, you should drive to the LYC Seahorse Lounge to sign your sailor in and drop off. Upon arrival, sailors will check in and meet with their instructor. At the beginning and end of each day the group will review the days plan and discuss the skills to be learned. This is an essential component of an efficient, effective, and safe sailing class. After the briefing, the sailors will proceed with water activities. The class will take a break for lunch during which they will cool off in the classroom and have a chance to reapply sunscreen. 


Inclement weather policy: 

Throughout the summer, storms can inhibit our practices and force us indoors. Classes will be canceled for the day if the forecast calls for storms throughout the day. The decision to cancel practice for the day will be communicated through email the night before. 


Parent orientation: 

Parents please join us for short orientation meeting on Monday immediately after the drop off at 9am. We will have a brief welcome meeting and be available to answer your questions by the club pool.



All sailors must wear buoyancy aid during all times they are in seaside. Our facility is a private sailing facility which is totally sheltered and closed for outer entrance. All operational action plans from risk analysis to emergency plans are made and we are ready for every kind of scenario with our knowledge.


Club directory: 

Bay Access Youth Sailing Program is hosted at the Lakewood Yacht Club “Seahorse” facility that is located at the far southern end of the Club. Upon arrival please check with the security guards. We have designated specific areas for drop off and pick up. The balance of the Club is reserved for member use only. The speed limit at the club is 10 mph and is strictly enforced for the safety of everyone! 


Lakewood Yacht Club

2322 Lakewood Yacht Club Drive

Seabrook, TX 77586 

(281) 474-2511

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